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Designated State of Domestic and Foreign Official Recognition Testing Lab

Your Best Partner for Worldwide Certification and Testing

(Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)
ElectroMagnetic Waves, Safety Standard, Chemistry, Environmental Field

(Certification Body Testing Lab)

SAFETY: Information Equipment (IEC60950), Audio/Video (IEC60065) Home appliances (IEC60335), Lighting Equipment (IEC60598 etc.) EMC: Information Equipment (CISPR22/24) and Audio/Video, TV(CISPR 13/20), Medical Equipment (IEC60601-1-2)

Ministry of Science and ICT

Ministry of Science and ICT Designated testing agency of National Radio Research Agency (EMC, Wireless[radio] communication, FCC MRA)

Korean Agency for 
Technology and Standards

Korea Agency for Technology and Standards
Testing Lab for KC safety confirmation (ITE, AV, Battery)

Canadian Standards Association

Canadian Standards Association Designated
Testing Lab from Canada (ITE, AV)

(Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)

Electromagnetic Waves, Safety Standards, Chemistry, Environmental Field

Australia Testing Lab

(ITE, AV, Home appliance, Lighting Equipment,
Plug TEST etc.,)

Testing Lab for Mexico NOM Certification

Safety Inspection Agency
for Agricultural and Marine Products

Specialized Agency of
Waste Analysis -PCBs field-

Specialized Agency of
Waste Analysis -PCBs field-

Food Inspection · Testing Lab,
Livestock Inspection · Testing Lab

(Federal Communications Commission)

Testing Lab registered FCC Federal Communications Commission (EMC, RF)

TUV Testing Organization 
TUV Certificate

Testing Lab registered TUV SUD (electromagnetic waves)